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Large BALANCING Aromatherapy candle

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100% Natural & Vegan Soy Wax.

This all-natural handmade & hand poured massage candle is made with creamy oils & a natural fragrance blend of essential oils;
• Lavender (promotes relaxation, sleep & helps to alleviate headaches),
• Ylang Ylang (alleviates anxiety & boosts mood)
• Rosemary (helps reduce tension & fatigue)
• Lemon (reduces inflammation & boosts energy)
• Lemongrass (relieves stress & alleviates joint pain)
• Orange (packed with Vitamin C & promotes brighter skin)

The added Shea butter, Cocoa butter & Vitamin E oil makes the perfect warm oil massage to soften & hydrate the skin.

Once lit, the candle will melt to form a pool of liquid oil that will be at body temperature. Blow out the candle, pour this oil into your hands or directly onto skin to create the perfect massage experience.
Hand packaged in sustainable & eco-friendly packaging.

Please note that this product contains Almond Oil.

1 x 200ml